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Spring 2012

Welcome from the Chief Executive

First of all let me say a very big thank you, to all who contributed to our Christmas “Bridging the Gap” Appeal. I am pleased to let you know that you gave in excess of £25,000 – a massive contribution towards our funds this year. This has not only given us a financial boost, it has been a huge boost for our morale in these uncertain times, so thank you for all your help.
Things are changing at Emmaus Bristol and as you read the rest of the newsletter I hope you will be encouraged by the things that are going on. We are delighted that our Companions are taking more of a lead in our Community in all sorts of ways and bringing their many and varied talents to shaping the future of Emmaus Bristol. This I believe is very close to the early vision of Abbe Pierre, the Founder of the Emmaus Movement.
An Emmaus Community is a bit like a train picking people up for part of the journey and dropping them off at their various destinations. This is true of all of us who join the Community. In this edition we say goodbye to Chris Heaton our Operations Manager who has served Emmaus Bristol superbly over the last 7 years and we wish him well in his retirement. At the same time we welcome two new trustees, Mark and Kat who have just joined us.
Finally, without you, our supporters, to use the train analogy – without you there would be no train or track and for this we thank you once again for making the journey possible.
With very best wishes from us all,

Richard Pendlebury MBE DL

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Welcome from the Chief Executive

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