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Ghyston’s charity of the year 2017

Local software company Ghyston raised £5,000 for Emmaus Bristol this year. Antonia Reynolds explains why they chose us as their charity of the year, and what it’s meant for team Ghyston.


“Ghyston is really proud to have supported Emmaus Bristol as its Charity of the Year this year.

Employees suggest charities close to their hearts at the end of each year, and we are really pleased that Emmaus won this year’s vote. We had two big events during the year to raise money: one was wing-walking in the summer, and the second was running the half marathon as a corporate team. Over a third of our company ran. We’re so delighted to have raised £5000 for Emmaus Bristol as a result of these, and other, efforts.

We know that the work Emmaus Bristol does is invaluable, and that the money we’ve raised has gone to a fantastic cause. That was never in doubt.

What has taken us by surprise is the impact the charity has had on us – not the other way round. Supporting a local charity has meant we’ve had far closer, more meaningful ties with Emmaus that we’d have expected. We’ve been in close contact all year, from Jess coming in one lunchtime to tell us all about Emmaus’ work at the start of the year, to us going to Emmaus’ headquarters at the end of November with a cheque, and seeing for ourselves some of the work done. Jess came to our launch party in September, and brought an Emmaus companion with her who blew us all away, and profoundly challenged assumptions and stereotypes. That was something neither we nor our guests will ever forget. We feel our relationship with Emmaus has been anything but the more usual, distant ‘donor’ relationships companies may all too often have, and we have all benefited personally from this.

There is surely no one in Bristol, or any city, who can fail to be deeply troubled by issues surrounding homelessness. We feel we’ve been privileged to be able to support and get to know a highly effective, very well-run local charity, and by doing so, to understand a lot more about the issues and how we can help.

Our as-yet unknown charity of 2018 has a lot to live up to!”

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