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Emmaus UK

As a Federation we all join together in the Paris sale raising money for international projects helping those most in need

Emmaus Bristol is part of the Emmaus Federation in the UK.  Emmaus is not an organisation but a movement so each Emmaus is independent and has it’s own Trustees and Governance.

There are currently 29 Communities in the UK with many more in the pipeline and we work together to serve those most in need.  If you want to find out more about Emmaus UK and the location of the other Emmaus Communities please go to the Emmaus UK website.

The wider Emmaus Movement

The following is an extract from the account by Abbe Pierre of the birth of the Emmaus Movement in post-war France:

“… The first companion was a failed suicide. Twenty years earlier he had killed his father in a moment of desperate anger. Pardoned after twenty years of hard labour, he had returned to an unbearable family situation. He tried to kill himself. I was called to help. But when I spoke to him, I could tell that he was not listening. There was only one thought in his mind, and that was to try again and this time not to fail his suicide. That’s when Emmaus was born. Because, without thinking, without premeditation, I did the opposite of charity. Instead of saying: “You are miserable, I will give you a roof over your head, work and money”, circumstances made me do exactly the opposite. I could only say, because it was the truth: “You are desperately unhappy. And I have nothing to give you. I have already given away my own family fortune. As a Member of Parliament, I am not poor because I am paid a parliamentary allowance. But I have nothing but debts. All my money is spent before I even receive it, to repair the house and to lodge those in need. Look this is where I live, dividing my life between Parliament, my constituency in Lorraine and the reception and maintenance of my Hostel.  I am tired and can’t respond to all these calls for help. But you, because you want to die, there is nothing holding you back. So please, wouldn’t you like to help me to help others?”

That was the birth of Emmaus.