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Emmaus Bristol Companions have helped to bring fresh water to thousands of people by Lake Nakoue

As well as being part of the Emmaus UK Federation, Emmaus Bristol is part of the worldwide Emmaus International Movement.  We are one of 306 groups or Communities in 36 countries throughout the world.  The Emmaus International Movement is committed to tackling the causes of exclusion since 1971. Emmaus International Website

By way of example as an international Movement we have been working together to provide clean drinking water to thousands of people by Lake Nokoue in Benin in West Africa.  Emmaus Bristol has helped fund this project and Mark one of our Companions has spearheaded our response to this project.   This is Emmaus in action, those with very little helping those with less.  Currently 65,000 people have benefited from this project.

Slightly closer to home Companion Chris has been involved in building a centre for local people in Bosnia.

Are you interesting in volunteering?

If you are over 18, Emmaus offers work camps where you can  learn about Emmaus and help others through solidarity work as a volunteer. These camps are to be found accross Europe which a significant number in France. If you are interested do go to the workcamp webpage.

Companions from around Europe building a centre for local people in Bosnia